Dentures in Tacoma, WA

Finding Comfort with Dentures in Tacoma, WA

Dentures can be a big life change for people who have decided to get them. While they can allow for more quality-of-life activities, dentures can be uncomfortable at first and take some getting used to. In fact, because they are a foreign object, your body’s natural instinct is to reject them.

The following list contains many common problems associated with new dentures:

  • Soreness of cheeks, jaw, and other muscles as your body gets used to dentures
  • Fullness of mouth is a sensation that may take time getting used to
  • Learn to chew with soft foods first, avoiding anything too complex
  • Read out loud to help reduce trouble with certain words or phrases
  • An adhesive may be recommended by your denturist if you notice problems with grip

Return to Northwest Dental Services if you notice any problems that persist. The experience of transition is different for everyone and there are often ways to make the transition easier. Make sure you communicate thoroughly with the team at Northwest Dental Services so they know how to best help you.

Tacoma Dental Office

Northwest Dental Services is a family owned and operated Tacoma dental office that offers dentures in Tacoma. The denturist on staff, Val, is highly educated, passionate about dentures, and very caring. His sense of humor and helpful attitude helps to make patients feel completely comfortable and confident.

While Val is the denture specialist, his brother and fellow employees are the ones that custom make the dentures right there in the office! They always have your comfort in mind and do whatever they can to make a denture that is wearable and attractive.

Because everything is done in-office, it is easier for the team to make adjustments quickly and efficiently. Val and his team of denture specialists do whatever they can to ensure that your transition to dentures is as positive as it can be.

Some of the other services that Northwest Dental Services offers include:

  • Preventative care
  • Restorative care
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Emergency care

If you are seeking an office has friendly staff and many options available, then choose Northwest Dental Services. They take care of a wide range of problems and can see the entire family!

Call the office today or visit their website for more information on their location, staff, hours, and services.

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By: Val Charron
Toll-Free: 888-538-1981
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